ERP for Virtual Assistants

Are you a virtual assistant looking to manage client work and your business better? This blog is about how to do just that with ERP.

What is ERP?

Firstly, let us discuss what ERP is. ERP is short for enterprise resource planning, It is a powerful piece of software that is capable of running your entire business with modules such as customer relationship management (CRM), accounting, project management and HR as well as some other modules.

How can it work for me?

  1. Create a project and choose which customer to link it to. This allows you to break down the work for them into tasks and plan when this will be done in yours or your staff schedule.
  2. Projects can be linked to timesheets, which you can then create an invoice from.
  3. Projects are also linked to accounting, so you can see all the expenses and revenue from that customer but more importantly the profit you are making from that customer over any period of time you choose.
  4. The support module allows you to easily manage tickets from your customers. No more sifting through a lot of emails. They are all organised and attached to your customer.
  5. CRM also allows you to manage leads through your sales funnel so you never miss an opportunity again and more likely to win business.

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